Welcome to the website of Autodents, a business owned and operated by Paul Roff, who has been successfully providing Paintless Dent Removal since 1999 with over thirty three years motor trade experience.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a low cost specialist method of removing small or minor dents, such as those that occur in car parks caused by other people’s doors or shopping trolleys.

Offering a quick, affordable and fully mobile service to remove those annoying dents, dings and creases.

Utilising specialist tools to massage the panels of your vehicle bodywork back to shape without a need for traditional body shop filler, paint and charges. If your car is to be returned at the end of a lease hire term, PDR can be an effective way of avoiding excess damage charges.

Why PDR?

  • It's Quick! Most dent repairs are completed under 1 hour.
  • It's Convenient! Autodents provide a mobile service straight to your home or place of work.
  • It Works! Paintless dent repairs leave you with no trace of the damage.
  • It Looks Great! The process keeps the original paint finish.
  • It's Cost Effective! Save on traditional body shop prices, maximise your vehicle's value. Plus, PDR is often cheaper than your insurance excess charges.